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AWS Step Functions launches Versions and Aliases



AWS Step Functions announces the availability of Versions and Aliases, improving resiliency for deployments of serverless workflows. [AWS Step Functions]( is a visual workflow service capable of orchestrating over 11,000+ API actions from over 250 AWS services to automate business processes and data processing workloads. Now, AWS Step Functions supports more resilient deployments with Versions and Aliases for workflows, a new set of capabilities that makes it easier for you to set up continuous deployment, to help you iterate faster and release safely into production. Using Step Functions Versions and Aliases you can maintain multiple versions of your workflows, track which version was used for each execution, and create aliases that route traffic between workflow versions. You can deploy your workflows gradually using industry standard techniques such as blue-green and canary style deployments with fast rollbacks to your Step Functions workflows, increasing deployment safety and reducing downtime and risk. There is no additional fee for Versions and Aliases, so you only pay for what you use as per existing AWS Step Functions pricing. Please visit [Step Functions pricing]( to learn more. You can get started using Versions and Aliases in the [AWS console](, AWS CloudFormation, the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), or the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK). To learn more, please see the AWS Step Functions [Developer Guide]( and the [Launch Blog]( to get started. AWS Step Functions Versions and Aliases is available in the [regions listed here]( For a complete list of regions and service offerings, see [AWS Regions](