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AWS Resilience Hub Expands Amazon EC2 Support



AWS Resilience Hub expands support for applications using Amazon EC2 . Resilience Hub provides a single place to define, validate, and track the resilience of your applications so that you can avoid unnecessary downtime caused by software, infrastructure, or operational disruptions. Applications come in many shapes and sizes, and AWS allows for customers using Amazon EC2 to select the configuration that is appropriate for your use case. Resilience Hub supports assessment on the following EC2 configurations, on-demand instances, instance backup by AWS Backup and AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (DRS), and support for auto-scaling groups with Amazon Route 53 Application Recovery Controller (ARC). Going forward assessment support will extend to spot instances, dedicated hosts, dedicated instances, placement groups, and fleets. The new capabilities are available in all of the AWS Regions where Resilience Hub is supported. See the [AWS Regional Services List]( for the most up-to-date availability information. To learn more about Resilience Hub, visit the [product page]( or [technical documentation](