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AWS SDK for SAP ABAP now generally available



Today, AWS announces the general availability of the [AWS SDK for SAP ABAP]( The AWS SDK for SAP ABAP makes it easy for ABAP developers to modernize and transform SAP-based business processes with AWS services and the SAP ABAP language. By providing simple, secure, and configurable connections between ABAP environments and [200+ supported AWS services](, it allows ABAP developers to accelerate business process innovation without adding architectural complexity. Whether you want to streamline invoice generation, improve sales forecast accuracy, or enable predictive maintenance for better manufacturing outcomes, the AWS SDK for SAP ABAP gives your ABAP developers the full power of AWS using familiar ABAP code. It also enables connectivity between SAP environments and AWS business applications including Amazon WorkDocs, Amazon Chime, Amazon Workmail, Amazon Pinpoint, and Amazon Honeycode to power communication and collaboration. The SDK follows standard ABAP coding conventions and supports SAP NetWeaver ABAP version 7.4 and above. With no agents to install or maintain, and with support for familiar tools, embedded documentation, and sample code, it's easy to get started. As a client-side solution, the AWS SDK for SAP ABAP is able to access services in all AWS Regions including AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. To learn more and get started, see the [AWS SDK for SAP ABAP Page](, [Getting Started Guide]( and [Getting Started Blog](