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AWS Proton introduces deployment history



AWS Proton introduces deployment history, a new feature that provides greater visibility into cloud infrastructure deployment events. Platform engineers use Proton to define infrastructure as code patterns for their services and manage updates for services across shared resource environments. Proton deployment history makes it easier to see when deployments are initiated, what resources they target, and provides a simple way to track deployment trends over time. AWS Proton is a managed service for platform engineers to increase the pace of innovation by defining, vending, and maintaining infrastructure templates for self-service deployments. With Proton, teams can operate more efficiently by using standardized central templates that reflect best-practices. As part of this, with deployment history teams now have greater visibility into all deployment events that occur through Proton. Deployment history is visible both through new APIs, and a dashboard in the Proton console. Deployment history is visible in all regions where Proton is available. To learn more about how to use Proton deployment history, read [here](