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AWS simplifies writing .NET 6 Lambda functions



We are happy to announce the general availability of the [Lambda Annotations Framework]( for .NET. This new programming model makes the experience of writing Lambda functions in C# feel more natural for .NET developers by using C# source generator technology. The AWS Lambda Annotations framework provides annotations that enable developers to define Lambda-specific configurations and behaviors directly in their application code. Developers no longer need to manually synchronize the Lambda functions defined in code with project’s CloudFormation template - the framework does it automatically. The Lambda Annotations framework supports any type of .NET Lambda function, including API Gateway based Lambda C# functions called from either an API Gateway REST API or HTTP API. It also supports dependency injection, making it easy to write functions for other services, such as S3 or DynamoDB. Lambda Annotations features are integrated into the C# compiler allowing Annotations to work with any CloudFormation based deployment including the AWS Lambda .NET CLI, Visual Studio and SAM. Get started by referencing the [Amazon.Lambda.Annotations]( NuGet package in your C# project or using [AWS .NET Lambda templates]( from either .NET CLI or our IDE toolkits. The framework supports .NET 6 runtime. It is open-sourced, and we welcome community contributions! To learn more, go to our [blog post](, visit our [GitHub page](, and our [Developer Documentation](