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AWS Transfer Family launches SFTP connectors



[AWS Transfer Family]( launches Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) connectors, a fully-managed and low code capability to securely and reliably copy files at scale between remote SFTP servers and [Amazon S3]( Files transferred using SFTP connectors are stored in Amazon S3, enabling you to unlock value from data using analytics, data lakes or AI/ML services in AWS. AWS Transfer Family provides fully-managed server endpoints in the cloud for customers to enable secure access to their files stored in AWS storage over industry standard protocols. With SFTP connectors, customers can now also use a fully managed SFTP client to securely copy files between their business partner hosted SFTP servers and AWS storage. SFTP connectors generate audit logs for each file transfer and meet common industry compliance certifications, helping you address your data governance and security needs without any operational overhead. SFTP connectors automatically scales with your business needs and you only pay for what you use. AWS Transfer Family support for SFTP connectors is available in all [AWS Regions]( where the service is available. To get started, visit our [documentation]( For information on pricing, see [AWS Transfer Family pricing](