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AWS Health now supports delegated administrator



AWS Health announces support for delegated administrator, a feature of AWS Organizations that allows you to delegate an account other than the management account to view aggregated AWS Health events on the [AWS Health Dashboard]( or programmatically via [AWS Health API]( AWS Health is the authoritative source of information about service events and planned changes affecting your AWS cloud resources. All AWS customers can log into the AWS Health Dashboard to view account-specific Health events, while AWS Health API is available to [AWS Business](, [AWS Enterprise On-Ramp](, and [Enterprise Support]( customers for programmatic access to the same AWS Health information. With the support of delegated administrator, AWS Health now provides the flexibility for different teams to view and manage health events across your organization. AWS security best-practices recommend that you delegate responsibilities outside of the management account where possible. To enable this feature, you can register up to five member accounts as a delegated administrator using the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), which will then allow those accounts access to organizational view. The delegated administrator feature is available in all commercial AWS Regions where AWS Health Dashboard and Health API are available. To learn more about the new delegated administrator feature, please refer to the [user guide](