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Amazon Interactive Video Service announces live video output price changes



Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) live video output prices for Low-Latency Streaming are now reduced by up to 50%. Per hours rates for video output are cut by up to 50% in South Korea, 46% in India, 43% in Taiwan, 41% in Australia, 30% in South America, 29% in Japan, Hong Kong, and South East Asia, and 4% in North America and Europe. In addition, live video output pricing for Low-Latency Streaming now has additional volume tiers for each resolution and billing regions, up to and above 500,000 output hours per month, so per hour rates decrease as usage increases. The new Amazon IVS prices in these regions are effective August 1st, 2023\. Visit the [Amazon IVS Pricing Page]( for more information. [Amazon IVS]( is a managed live streaming solution that is designed to make low-latency or real-time video available to viewers around the world. Video ingest and delivery are available over a managed network of infrastructure optimized for live video. Visit the [AWS region table]( for a full list of AWS Regions where the Amazon IVS console and APIs for control and creation of video streams are available.