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AWS DeepRacer Student launches educator playbooks



Introducing AWS DeepRacer Student educator playbooks - the perfect tool for educators to seamlessly integrate foundational machine learning (ML) curriculum and labs into their classrooms for students 16 years and older. With educator playbooks, educators can easily upskill students in the basics of ML through the excitement of racing autonomous vehicles. With 20 hours of educational material, free model training, and an autonomous racing league, students can have fun while honing their ML skills through AWS DeepRacer Student. The curriculum playbook provides educators with all the information they need to implement ML curriculum effectively with our on-demand learning modules. Educators can now access learning objectives, outcomes, key concepts, and activity suggestions, to customize the experience to fit their students' needs. Hands-on labs enable students to turn theory into practical learning, with model training tutorials and friendly competition with the [AWS DeepRacer Student League]( The labs playbook offers resources for virtual or in-person activations, ensuring flexibility and accessibility. Virtual activations allow an easy and no cost option to engage students through private community races, live virtual racing, and the global AWS DeepRacer Student League. In person activations will bring ML to life, as students see their models compete on a live track with a physical AWS DeepRacer device. Join AWS DeepRacer Student and bring the fun of ML to the classroom today! Get started at [AWS DeepRacer Educator](