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Amazon Connect launches Contact Data Updated event



Amazon Connect now allows you to subscribe to the Contact Data Updated event via [Contact Event Stream (CES]( Business currently subscribes to Contact Event Stream for a near real-time stream of contact (voice calls, chat, and task) events (for example, call is queued) in their Amazon Connect contact center. With this launch, Amazon Connect will start publishing a new event-type called CONTACT\_DATA\_UPDATED with UpdatedProperties field to the Contact Event Stream. Businesses will now listen to contact-data-updated events in scenarios such as 1) change in Scheduled\_Timestamp (tasks) and 2/ updates to User-Defined-Attributes, on the contact record. Additionally, hierarchy groups information in the agentInfo object will be included for CONTACT\_DATA\_UPDATED, CONNECTED\_TO\_AGENT, DISCONNECTED event types. To learn more about these features, [refer to our public documentation]( These new features are available in all [AWS regions]( where Amazon Connect is available. To learn more about Amazon Connect, the AWS contact center as a service solution on the cloud, please visit the [Amazon Connect website](