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Finch is now Generally Available on macOS



Today, AWS announces the general availability of Finch, an open source command line tool that allows developers to build, run, and publish Linux containers on macOS. With this release, we are also launching a [website]( that should help you find all the Finch-related information, tutorials, and other resources to get started with Finch. Since we first [announced]( Finch in November 2022, we have launched capabilities that enhance the developer experience when working with containers locally and interacting with container registries. We introduced container image signing, and support for both creating and running images using [Seekable OCI]( (SOCI), an AWS open-source technology for faster container launches by lazily loading the container image. We addressed key papercuts including persistent disk support and VM initialization time reduction, and created a [benchmark tool]( to continually measure and improve Finch performance. If you are new to Finch, refer to the [Getting Started]( section on the Finch website to start using Finch for local container development. To learn more, read the [AWS News Blog](