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AWS Lambda adds support for Amazon Linux 2023



AWS Lambda now supports Amazon Linux 2023 as both a managed runtime and a container base image. This runtime has a significantly smaller deployment footprint than Amazon Linux 2 runtimes, and provides updated versions of common libraries such as glibc. The Amazon Linux 2023 runtime will also be used as the basis for future Lambda runtime releases, such as Node.js 20, Python 3.12, Java 21, and .NET 8\. For more information, see our blog post at [Amazon Linux 2023 runtime now available on AWS Lambda]( The Amazon Linux 2023 runtime provides an OS-only execution environment for Lambda functions. It is based on the [AL2023 minimal container image]( release of AL2023\. An OS-only Lambda environment is useful in three scenarios: when using languages which are compiled to native code, such as [Go]( or [Rust](; when using third-party runtimes such as Bref for PHP; or when using [custom runtimes]( AWS will automatically apply updates and security patches to the managed runtime and container base image, as they become available. The Amazon Linux 2023 runtime is available in all [Regions where Lambda is available](, except for China and GovCloud Regions. Visit our [product page]( for more information about AWS Lambda or sign in to the [AWS Lambda console]( to get started.