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Amazon MSK now sends storage capacity alerts



Amazon MSK now automatically sends you alerts when you are at risk of exhausting your storage capacity. The alerts also provide recommendations on the best steps to take to manage your storage. This feature makes it easier for you to identify and quickly resolve storage capacity issues before they become critical. Amazon MSK automatically sends these alerts to the Amazon MSK Console, [AWS Health Dashboard](, [Amazon EventBridge](, and email contacts for your AWS account. You can also [configure Amazon EventBridge]( to deliver these alerts via Slack or to tools such as New Relic and Datadog. Amazon MSK offers provisioned Apache Kafka clusters where you choose how much storage capacity you need. If you exhaust your storage capacity on a broker in your provisioned clusters, it can affect your ability to produce and consume data, leading to costly downtime. Amazon MSK already offers CloudWatch metrics to help you monitor your storage capacity. However, to make it easier for you to detect and resolve storage capacity issues, this new feature automatically sends you dynamic alerts with recommendations. The recommendations include short and long-term steps to manage your storage capacity. From the MSK Console, you can also use quick links within the alerts to take recommended actions immediately. Storage Capacity Alerts are enabled by default for all MSK provisioned clusters. This feature is available at no additional cost and supported in all regions where MSK is available. To learn more about storage capacity alerts, visit the Amazon MSK [developer guide](