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AWS IoT TwinMaker launches new features to improve the digital twin entity modeling experience



[AWS IoT TwinMaker]( makes it easier to create digital twins of real-world systems such as buildings, factories and industrial equipment. We are launching three new features in entity modeling to enable customers model, deploy, and scale their digital twins faster and more efficiently. First, we are launching metadata bulk operations like import, export and update. Now, customers can import and migrate equipment models and metadata from an external source or entity models from different AWS accounts to AWS IoT TwinMaker. Now, we have made it easier for customers to create entity models at scale. The second new feature is an increase in AWS IoT TwinMaker [service quotas]( to support digital twins with higher entity and component counts. Third, we are launching the ability to create a composite component type that provides flexibility and efficiency in building complex component types. For example, with composite component type support, parts of an airplane like an engine or vertical stabilizer can be modeled as individual component types and reused by another component type, for example an airplane. Both metadata bulk operations and composite component are available in [AWS IoT SiteWise]( to provide a consistent modeling experience for industrial customers. These features are available in all regions where AWS IoT TwinMaker is generally available except metadata bulk operations is not available in AWS GovCloud (US-West). To learn more, visit AWS IoT TwinMaker [developer guide]( and [API reference]( Use the AWS Management Console to get started, or visit our [GitHub repository]( for a sample digital twin application.