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AWS SDK for Rust is now generally available



Today, AWS announces the general availability of the AWS SDK for Rust, allowing customers to now use this for production workloads. The AWS SDK for Rust empowers developers to interact with AWS services and enjoy APIs that follow Rust idioms and best practices. AWS SDK for Rust provides idiomatic, type-safe API and supports modern Rust language features like async/await, non-blocking IO, and builders. It supports access to 300+ AWS Services, each with their own crate. The SDK works out of the box using sensible defaults but it’s also extensible, allowing users to customize it to their unique use case. It’s modular, allowing customers to compile crates only for the services they use. It is also engineered to be fast. With the Rust SDK, users can quickly transfer data to and from Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), and Amazon DynamoDB. To get started, see the following resources: * [AWS SDK for Rust Product Page]( * [Getting Started Guide]( * [AWS SDK for Rust GitHub](