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AWS CodeDeploy now provides zonal deployment for Amazon EC2



AWS CodeDeploy now provides the ability to deploy your application one Availability Zone (AZ) at a time. Known as zonal deployment, it isolates the blast radius of any adverse in-place application deployments to a single AZ without impacting other AZs within an AWS Region. By using zonal deployments for EC2, your application updates will deploy to a single AZ at a time. If the deployment of an AZ is successful, CodeDeploy will monitor your application and revert any regressions with CodeDeploy's [rollback protection]( To get started with zonal application deployments and receive additional protection for multi-AZ deployments, you only need to enable the configuration in your CodeDeploy [deployment configuration]( Support for EC2 in-place zonal deployment is available in all [AWS Regions]( where AWS CodeDeploy is available. To learn more, see [Zonal Deployment]( in the AWS CodeDeploy Developer Guide.