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AWS Cloud9 now supports Amazon Linux 2023



You can now launch AWS Cloud9 environments with [Amazon Linux 2023]( (AL2023). AL2023 is the next generation of Amazon Linux, a Linux server operating system from Amazon Web Services (AWS). AL2023 provides a secure, stable, and high performance execution environment to develop and run cloud and enterprise applications. With AL2023, you get an application environment that offers long-term support with access to the latest innovations in Linux. AL2023 is provided at no additional charge. To get started with AWS Cloud9 and AL2023, create a new AWS Cloud9 environment using the Cloud9 management console, the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), [AWS CloudFormation]( or AWS SDK. For further information about AWS Cloud9 and [launching new environments with AL2023](, please refer to the documentation pages for AWS Cloud9. Further information on AWS Cloud9 and AL2023 is available here: * [AWS Cloud9 - Getting Started]( * [Amazon Linux 2023](