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Amazon RDS for Db2 now supports X2iedn instances



[Amazon RDS for Db2]( now supports memory optimized X2iedn DB instances that are well-suited for memory-intensive, read-heavy and high-throughput write operations. X2iedn instances are powered by 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processors (Ice Lake). X2iedn instances are designed for the requirements of high performance enterprise-class databases, by offering high compute (up to 128 vCPUs), large memory (up to 4 TB) and storage throughput (up to 256K IOPS) with a 32:1 memory to vCPU ratio. Get started by creating a fully managed X2iedn database instance using the [Amazon RDS Management Console]( or the AWS CLI. See [Amazon RDS for Db2 Pricing]( for up-to-date pricing of instances, storage, data transfer and regional availability.