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Amazon S3 on Outposts enables support for IPv6



You can now access Amazon S3 on Outposts buckets using IPv6 via S3 on Outposts dual-stack endpoints. IPv6 support for S3 on Outposts allows you to manage your S3 on Outposts buckets and control plane resources over IPv6 networks. This new feature expands IP addressing capabilities and simplifies network configuration, helping you to build a simple hybrid cloud storage architecture across IPv4 and IPv6 networks. You can also use source address filtering in IAM and bucket policies with IPv6 addresses to restrict access to S3 on Outposts buckets from specific IPv6 applications. Additionally, you can use IPv6 over AWS PrivateLink, which enables secure, private communication between IPv6 services and VPCs, without traversing the public internet. S3 on Outposts IPv6 support is available in all AWS Regions where S3 on Outposts is available, including the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions, at no additional cost. You can connect via CLI and SDK over both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. Read more about how to use [IPv6 for S3 on Outposts]( in our documentation.