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GKE on Bare Metal 1.28.100-gke.146 is now available for download



## Feature ### Release 1.28.100-gke.146 GKE on Bare Metal 1.28.100-gke.146 is now available for [download]( To upgrade, see [Upgrade clusters]( GKE on Bare Metal 1.28.100-gke.146 runs on Kubernetes 1.28. ## Security ### Security bulletin (all minor versions) A security vulnerability, [CVE-2024-21626](, has been discovered in `runc` where a user with permission to create Pods might be able to gain full access to the node filesystem. For instructions and more details, see the [GCP-2024-005]( security bulletin. ## Fix **Fixes:** Fixed a rootless permission issue on file `/var/lib/audit.log` in 1.28.100, which might block control plane node upgrades. The following container image security vulnerabilities have been fixed in 1.28.100-gke.146: * Critical container vulnerabilities: * [CVE-2023-39320]( * High-severity container vulnerabilities: * [CVE-2021-41617]( * [CVE-2023-5869]( * [CVE-2023-27533]( * [CVE-2023-29491]( * [CVE-2023-39321]( * [CVE-2023-39322]( * [CVE-2023-39417]( * Medium-severity container vulnerabilities: * [CVE-2023-5156]( * [CVE-2023-5868]( * [CVE-2023-5870]( * [CVE-2023-25165]( * [CVE-2023-27535]( * [CVE-2023-27536]( * [CVE-2023-27538]( * [CVE-2023-28321]( * [CVE-2023-36054]( * [CVE-2023-51385]( * [GHSA-rm8v-mxj3-5rmq]( * Low-severity container vulnerabilities: * [CVE-2022-48522]( * [CVE-2023-4527]( * [CVE-2023-4911]( * [CVE-2023-27534]( * [CVE-2023-28322]( * [CVE-2023-38545]( * [CVE-2023-38546]( ## Issue **Known issues:** For information about the latest known issues, see [GKE on Bare Metal known issues]( in the Troubleshooting section.