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Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) Query now supports Amazon CloudWatch usage metrics



Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB) Query now supports Amazon CloudWatch usage metrics, enabling customers to monitor their AMB Query API usage. With CloudWatch usage metrics, customers can now create alarms to be notified when their applications are approaching an [AMB Query API service quota]( and visualize their usage in CloudWatch dashboards. Usage metrics for AMB Query are available at no additional cost and are always enabled. Customers can view their current usage metrics using the Amazon CloudWatch console as well as through the AWS CLI and SDK. For more information, to track and proactively manage AMB Query API quotas see [Visualizing your service quotas and setting alarms]( AMB Query is generally available in the US East (N. Virginia) region, making it easier than ever to access blockchain data with sub-second latency without the need for specialized infrastructure. Customers of AMB Query get blockchain data from the most popular networks delivered at scale and speed to meet the performance needs of real-world applications. Customers pay only for the API calls made with simple and predictable pricing. To learn more about AMB Query, see the [user documentation]( To learn more about other AMB offerings, see [Amazon Managed Blockchain](