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Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) now supports text search



[Amazon DocumentDB]( (with MongoDB compatibility) now supports text search, making it easy to run text search queries on extensive string data using a native text index. You can now perform text searches of specific terms or phrases on large string data using $text and $search operators, assign different significance levels to the indexed fields using weights, and sort the search results based on relevance using $meta operator. Using Amazon DocumentDB’s text search feature, users can search for some or all of the search keywords across all the text indexed fields in an Amazon DocumentDB collection, resulting in accurate and fast searches on large string data sets. As an example, you can build search functionality using text search on your Amazon DocumentDB powered retail website to help users quickly and accurately find product reviews containing specific keywords. Text search is natively built into Amazon DocumentDB 5.0 and is available across all Amazon DocumentDB regions at no cost. To start using this feature, please see the [performing text search with Amazon DocumentDB]( page. Amazon DocumentDB is a fully managed, native JSON database that makes it simple and cost-effective to operate critical document workloads at virtually any scale without managing infrastructure. To learn more, please visit the [documentation](, and get started by creating Amazon DocumentDB cluster from the [AWS Management Console]( For pricing and region availability, visit the [pricing page](