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Amazon Security Lake now supports audit logs from Amazon EKS



Today, AWS announces the expansion in the log coverage support for Amazon Security Lake, which includes Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) audit logs. This enhancement allows you to automatically centralize and normalize your Amazon EKS audit logs in Security Lake, making it easier to monitor and investigate potential suspicious activities in your Amazon EKS clusters. Security Lake automatically centralizes security data from AWS environments, SaaS providers, on premises, and cloud sources into a purpose-built data lake stored in your account. You can use Security Lake to centralize your security data and gain a more comprehensive understanding of security across your entire organization. Security Lake automatically collects logs for the following services, including AWS CloudTrail, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Amazon Route 53, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), and AWS Lambda. Today’s announcement of Amazon EKS audit log coverage further streamlines the collection and management of your security data across accounts and AWS Regions, freeing up time for analyzing security data and improving the protection of your workloads, applications, and data. For more information about the AWS Regions where Security Lake is available, see the [AWS Region]( table. To get started, see the following list of resources: * [Democratizing Security Data with Amazon Security Lake and Industry Leaders for Improved Protection eBook]( * [Amazon Security Lake User Guide]( * [Amazon Security Lake console](