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AWS AppSync increases existing service quota and adds subscription service quotas



AWS AppSync is a fully managed service that allows customers to connect applications to data and enable real-time experiences with GraphQL APIs. AppSync now supports a higher default value for the rate of request tokens service quota. The default value is increased from 2,000 to 5,000 in all AWS Regions that AppSync supports, except for the following Regions where the default value is increased to 10,000: Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney), Europe (Frankfurt, Ireland, London), US East (N. Virginia, Ohio), and US West (Oregon). AppSync also introduces three new adjustable service quotas in all Regions that AppSync supports that control the behavior of AppSync’s real-time capabilities. * rate of inbound messages per API per second (default value: 10,000): controls the maximum number of subscription field invocations. * rate of outbound messages per API per second (default value: 1,000,000): controls the maximum number of messages (per 5kb payload ) delivered to WebSocket clients. * rate of connection requests per API per second (default value: 2,000): controls the maximum number of WebSocket connection requests You can request increases to these service quotas and view your applied values in the Service Quotas console. You can learn more about inbound and outbound messages in the AppSync [documentation]( To learn more about AppSync’s service quotas, please refer to this [documentation](