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AWS Step Functions Announces Optimized Integration for AWS Elemental MediaConvert



[AWS Step Functions]( announces an optimized integration for [AWS Elemental MediaConvert](, enabling video transcode jobs in your workflow. With this integration, customers can easily build automated, resilient media workflows using the visual authoring and operator experience of Step Functions. With the new Run a Job (.sync) integration pattern for the MediaConvert CreateJob API, Step Functions will wait for asynchronous MediaConvert transcoding jobs to complete before progressing to the next step, simplifying the orchestration of multi-step media processing pipelines. AWS Step Functions is a visual workflow service that makes it easy to compose AWS services into scalable, reliable, and resilient application components. With AWS Elemental MediaConvert, audio and video content providers with any size library can easily and reliably transcode on-demand content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery. Now, you can use Step Functions to orchestrate end-to-end media workflows involving transcoding, media analysis, quality control, and cross-platform content delivery by seamlessly combining MediaConvert transcode jobs with purpose-built AWS services such as Amazon Rekognition for video analysis, as well as integrate with SaaS offerings for content quality control or media-asset-management (MAM) from third-party vendors. To get started, you can use the new “MediaConvert CreateJob Action” in [Step Functions Workflow Studio]( To learn more, please see the AWS Step Functions [Developer Guide]( and the [Launch Blog]( to get started.