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Amazon SQS announces support for FIFO dead-letter queue redrive in the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions



Today, [Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)]( announces support for dead-letter queue redrive for FIFO queues in the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. Dead-letter queue redrive is an enhanced capability to improve the dead-letter queue management experience for Amazon SQS customers. Amazon SQS already supports redriving messages from a standard dead-letter queue to a standard source queues or a standard custom destination queue. Now SQS customers can also redrive messages from a FIFO dead-letter queue to FIFO source queues or FIFO custom destination queues. Customers increasingly use distributed systems with event-driven architectures, making their applications more efficient, scalable, and reliable. Sometimes errors occur in the distributed systems, such as a consumer is not able to successfully consume the messages from the queue. In such error cases, Amazon SQS moves the unconsumed message to a dead-letter queue, if configured. This enables customers to inspect messages that are not consumed successfully and debug their application failures without losing any messages. SQS customers can use [SQS Console, AWS SDK or CLI]( to move messages from the dead-letter queue to a FIFO queue. To get started with dead-letter queue redrive for FIFO, see [SQS Documentation]( for more information on how to redrive messages using the SQS Console, AWS SDK and CLI. To learn more about setting up dead-letter queues, see [Amazon SQS dead-letter queues]( configuration page. Dead-letter queue redrive for FIFO queues is now available in all AWS Regions where Amazon SQS is available.