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Announcing Amazon Neptune connector for Nodestream, Parquet, and SBOM



Today, we are announcing the availability of the Amazon Neptune connector for Nodestream, the Parquet input file format for Nodestream, and the Nodestream Security Bill Of Material (SBOM) plug-in for CycloneDX and SPDX file formats. Nodestream is an open source project for ETL (Extract Transform Load), designed to be flexible and extensible, allowing to define how data is collected and modeled as a graph. It uses a pipeline-based approach to define how data is collected and processed, and it provides a way to define how the graph should be updated when the schema changes. SBOMs help organizations improve the transparency, security, and reliability of their software applications. The Nodestream SBOM plug-in offers an opinionated graph data model for SBOM data analysis. It imports SBOMs from CycloneDX, a full-stack Bill of Materials (BOM) standard that provides advanced supply chain capabilities for cyber risk reduction, and SPDX the System Package Data Exchange for Linux. It also imports SBOMs from GitHub and from Amazon Inspector. Nodestream, the Amazon Neptune connector and the SBOM plug-in are Python frameworks, and compatible with Neptune Database engine version or higher, and Neptune Analytics. To get started or contribute to the project, visit the [NodeStream page](, the [Amazon Neptune Database and Analytics connector page]( and the [SBOM plug-in page](