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Amazon Bedrock Agents simplifies agent creation and launches Return of Control capability



Agents for Amazon Bedrock enable generative AI applications to automate multi-step tasks across company systems and data sources. Agents removes the undifferentiated lifting of orchestration, infrastructure hosting and management, and we’re making building Agents easier than ever. Today, we are introducing an updated AWS console experience, and support for Simplified Schema and Return of Control to make it easy for developers to build Agents. The new console experience provides developers the ability to create an agent, add knowledge base(s) and action group(s) from a single interface, reducing the number of steps required. Simplified Schema simplifies building action schemas and don’t require Open API standards, reducing overhead and allowing you to build Agents more quickly. The Inline Schema Editor is now available in the agent creation console, enabling developers to create/edit schemas in a single interface. Agents also support Cloud Formation to simplify creation of agents using Infrastructure as Code templates. Lastly, we are launching Return of Control capability, which allows developers to define an action schema and get the control back whenever the agent invokes the action. This provides developers more options to implement business logic in addition to the already available Lambda approach. Furthermore, with Return of Control, developers get the ability to execute time consuming actions in the background (asynchronous execution), while continuing the orchestration flow. For example, if a user requests to encode three different video files, the agent needs to make three individual encode\_video API calls. Developers can now build workflows with Return of Control to invoke the three APIs in parallel without waiting for the results from the first call. To learn more about the new capabilities on Bedrock Agents, visit the [documentation page](