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AWS Transfer Family now lists files from remote SFTP servers using SFTP connectors



AWS Transfer Family customers can now use [SFTP connectors]( to list files stored in remote SFTP servers, enabling visibility into the contents of directories in remote SFTP file systems and transfer files when file names are not known in advance. [AWS Transfer Family]( securely scales recurring business-to-business file transfers to AWS Storage services using SFTP, FTPS, FTP, and AS2 protocols. SFTP connectors provide fully managed functionality to copy files between remote SFTP servers and [Amazon S3]( You can now generate a list of files stored on remote SFTP servers and automate file retrieval workflows even when you do not have prior information about the file names on remote servers. You can use the list of files to transfer specific files from a directory on a remote server, or to simply monitor the contents of your remote directories without actually transferring any files. SFTP connectors’ support for listing files from remote SFTP servers is available in all [AWS Regions]( where AWS Transfer Family is available. To learn more about SFTP connectors, take the self paced [workshop]( or visit the [documentation]( For information on pricing, see [AWS Transfer Family pricing](