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AWS DataSync supports disabling task schedules



[AWS DataSync]( now lets you enable and disable task schedules. Using this new feature, you can temporarily disable scheduled executions of your task to accommodate events such as maintenance on your storage systems. Once the event is complete, you can enable your task schedule to resume execution of your task at the next scheduled interval. AWS DataSync is an accelerated, online data movement service. DataSync automates copying files and objects between AWS Storage services, on-premises storage, edge locations, or other clouds. DataSync uses tasks to synchronize data between your storage locations. When you create or update your task, you can configure it to run on a schedule. If you need to handle a storage event such as downtime or maintenance, you can disable the schedule on your task and then enable it when the event completes. In cases where your tasks are repeatedly failing due to a misconfiguration, DataSync may automatically disable your task schedule. When this occurs, address the misconfiguration and then enable your task schedule to run at the next scheduled interval. You can use this new capability in all [AWS Regions]( where AWS DataSync is available, except the China (Beijing) and the China (Ningxia) Regions. To get started, visit the [AWS DataSync console]( To learn more, view the [AWS DataSync documentation](