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AWS CodeArtifact now supports RubyGems



Today, AWS announces the general availability of RubyGems support in CodeArtifact. Gems, which are used to distribute Ruby libraries, can now be stored in CodeArtifact. Popular tools including the RubyGems and Bundler CLIs can be used to publish and download gems from CodeArtifact repositories. Developers can configure CodeArtifact to fetch gems from, the Ruby community’s gem hosting service. When a RubyGems package manager is connected to a CodeArtifact repository, CodeArtifact will automatically fetch gems requested by the client from and store them in the CodeArtifact repository. By storing both private first-party gems and public, third-party gems in CodeArtifact, developers can access their critical application dependencies from a single source. CodeArtifact support for RubyGems is available in all 13 CodeArtifact regions. To learn more, see [AWS CodeArtifact](