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AWS Amplify Gen 2 is now generally available



AWS Amplify Gen 2, the code-first developer experience for building full-stack apps using TypeScript, is now generally available. Amplify Gen 2 enables developers to express app requirements like the data models, business logic, and authorization rules in TypeScript. The necessary cloud infrastructure is then automatically provisioned, without needing explicit infrastructure definitions. This streamlined approach accelerates full-stack development for teams of all sizes. Since the public preview, we have added a number of features since the Gen 2 preview : * Storage support with revamped authorization capabilities, a file manager * TypeScript Functions support with environment variables * Custom queries and mutations support for more flexibility with data operations * A new Amplify console with features such as custom domains, data management, and PR previews. * Integration guides for AI/ML services including: Bedrock, Translate, Polly, and Rekognition * Improved relationship modeling behavior across one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many associations * Auth enhancements like multiple OIDC providers, user groups support, and granting access to other AWS resources * Connect to existing MySQL and PostgreSQL database support This is in addition to all the features launched during the [preview]( For more information about the AWS Regions where AWS Amplify’s code-first DX (Gen 2) is available, see the AWS Region [table]( Get started with Gen 2 by visiting the [launch blog](