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Amazon RDS Performance Insights now supports RDS for Oracle Multitenant



[Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) Performance Insights]( now supports the Oracle Multitenant configuration on Amazon RDS for Oracle. An [Amazon RDS for Oracle Multitenant]( instance operates as a container database (CDB) hosting one or more pluggable databases (PDBs). With this release, Performance Insights has introduced a new PDB dimension to help you visualize and analyze the distribution of the load on individual PDBs within the CDB on a RDS for Oracle instance. Now, you can slice the database load metric by the “PDB” and “SQL” dimensions to identify the top queries running on each of the PDBs. Before this launch, you could visualize the database load only at the CDB level. This PDB-level granular information helps you diagnose database performance issues quickly for instances with an Oracle Multitenant configuration. Amazon RDS Performance Insights is a database performance tuning and monitoring feature of RDS that allows you to visually assess the load on your database and determine when and where to take action. With one click in the [Amazon RDS Management Console](, you can add a fully-managed performance monitoring solution to your Amazon RDS database. To learn more about RDS Performance Insights, read the [Amazon RDS User Guide]( and visit [Performance Insights pricing]( for pricing details and region availability.