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Introducing GPT-4o: OpenAI’s new flagship multimodal model now in preview on Azure



Microsoft is thrilled to announce the launch of GPT-4o, OpenAI’s new flagship model, now available with Azure AI in preview. This groundbreaking multimodal model integrates text, vision, and audio capabilities, setting a new standard for generative and conversational AI experiences. GPT-4o is available now in Azure OpenAI Service, in preview, with support for text and image. [Azure OpenAI Service]( customers can explore GPT-4o’s extensive capabilities through a preview playground in [Azure OpenAI Studio]( starting today in two regions in the US. This initial release focuses on text and vision inputs to provide a glimpse into the model's potential, paving the way for further capabilities like audio. * Check out the [Azure launch blog]( on GPT-4o * [Try out GPT-4o]( in the Azure OpenAI Service Chat Playground * If you are not a current Azure OpenAI Service customer, apply for access by [completing this form]( * Learn more about [Azure OpenAI Service]( and the [latest enhancements.]( * Azure OpenAI Service * Azure AI services * Features * Services * [ Azure AI services](