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Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion launches new user interface for easy blueprint discovery



Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion now offers a new user interface that enables searching for blueprints using full-text search in the AWS Console, helping you easily discover all the sources that you can ingest data from into Amazon OpenSearch Service. Blueprints are pre-filled OpenSearch Ingestion configuration files that help you quickly get started with ingesting data from popular sources like Amazon S3, DynamoDB and Security Lake. The new interface now also offers visual tiles with icons for all your favorite blueprints, providing you a bird’s-eye view to all the sources and sinks supported by Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion. The new user interface for blueprints offers a customized getting started guide for each source, detailing keys steps in setting up a successful end-to-end integration. As part of the visual overhaul, Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion now also offers support for specifying the pipeline configuration in JSON format in the AWS Console in addition to the existing YAML support. This will allow you to confidently copy and paste configurations from your text or code editors without having to worry about formatting errors due to inconsistent whitespace. These features are available in all the AWS commercial regions where Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion is currently available. To learn more, see the [Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion]( webpage and the [Amazon OpenSearch Service Developer Guide](