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We released an updated version of Apigee (1-12-0-apigee-4-hotfix)



## Announcement On May 17, 2024, we released an updated version of Apigee (1-12-0-apigee-4-hotfix). **Note:** Rollouts of this release to production instances will begin within two business days and may take four or more business days to complete across all Google Cloud zones. Your instances may not have the features and fixes available until the rollout is complete. ## Fix | Bug ID | Description | | ----------------------------------- | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | **337876238, 330314128, 333762214** | **Resolved issues resulting in an increase in 404/503 responses.**Upgraded storage for the Apigee router to the latest version to resolve 404 responses.Adjusted traffic weight and delays in the older replica set to handle traffic divergence during the release process to address any 5xx responses. | | **335832119** | **Fixed 404 errors caused during Apigee instance update/rollback.** | | **255772956** | **Turned off asynchronous services callout when the <Response> element is not present due to inconsistent scaling of runtime pods.** | | **338717278** | **Reverted problematic commit to address thread pool exhaustion.** | ## Change Navigation menus in the [Classic Apigee UI]( have been restored to support the transition from the Classic console to [Apigee in the Google Cloud console]( Each menu item in the Classic console now directs you to the corresponding feature location in the Cloud console where you can carry out your task. Please see [Apigee UI in Cloud console navigation]( for more details. ## Change **Correction**: Apigee hybrid entitlements are available in Apigee Subscription 2024 plans. For more information, see [Apigee Subscription 2024 entitlements](