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Cloud Data Fusion version 6.10.1 is generally available (GA)



## Feature Cloud Data Fusion version 6.10.1 is generally available ([GA]( This release is in parallel with the CDAP 6.10.1 release. ## Feature Creating a private instance with [Private Service Connect]( is GA in Cloud Data Fusion version 6.10.1. ## Feature Per Namespace Service Accounts are GA in Cloud Data Fusion version 6.10.1\. For more information, see [Access control with namespace service accounts]( ## Feature Syncing multiple pipelines from a namespace is GA in Cloud Data Fusion version 6.10.1, For more information, see [Sync Cloud Data Fusion pipelines with a remote repository]( ## Change Changed in Cloud Data Fusion 6.10.1: * [Source Control Management]( supports Bitbucket and Gitlab. * Cloud Data Fusion uses the subnet used by the shared VPC network attachment in the default compute profile. * Added support for option string field (keep-strings) in `parse-xml-to-json` Wrangler directive ([CDAP-20934]( * The BigQuery sink plugin doesn't provide the **Dedupe By** option while in insert mode ([PLUGIN-900]( * The BigQuery plugin supports the JSON type ([PLUGIN-1563]( * Improved error messages in the Spanner source ([PLUGIN-1748]( * Improved retries in PubSub plugin ([PLUGIN-1769]( ## Fix Fixed in Cloud Data Fusion 6.10.1: * Fixed an issue causing runtime arguments of pipeline triggers to not propagate to downstream pipelines ([CDAP-20947]( * Fixed an issue in Wrangler causing the `send-to-error-and-continue` directive to not initialize `dq_failure` when the condition is false ([PLUGIN-1736]( * Fixed an issue that occurs if running a replication pipeline when task workers are enabled ([CDAP-20951]( * Improved error reporting in the BigQuery Sink. Fixed an issue in BigQuery Argument Setter where validation error wasn't displayed correctly ([PLUGIN-788](, [PLUGIN-781](, * [PLUGIN-1318]( * Improved retries in BigQuery plugin ([PLUGIN-1715]( * Fixed an issue with the Python plugin, where running in native mode doesn't work as intended ([PLUGIN-1617]( * Fixed an issue causing certain connection parameters to not propagate in a MySQL connection ([PLUGIN-1728]( * Fixed an issue causing the Cloud Storage Copy action to timeout while working with large files ([PLUGIN-1735]( * Fixed an issue causing Copy and Move plugins to not create buckets at the destination path as expected, resulting in a runtime error ([PLUGIN-1738]( * Fixed an issue causing empty source input to fail in multiple plugins ([PLUGIN-1742]( * Fixed an issue with remote execution of Wrangler directives causing type information to not be emitted ([PLUGIN-1778]( * Fixed an issue causing a `No record field provided`error ([CDAP-21024]( * Streaming pipelines in Cloud Data Fusion support the Excel source. Batch pipelines with an Excel source can consume high memory and fail in large pipelines ([PLUGIN-1771]( * Fixed an issue with using the Conditional plugin as a source for Wrangler, causing CDAP not to fetch the necessary schema ([CDAP-20890]( * Fixed an issue with instance upgrades causing existing schedule names to be improperly encoded in the URL, resulting in pre-upgrade failure ([CDAP-20999]( * Fixed an issue with schedules causing the maximum concurrent run property to not work as intended ([CDAP-20988]( * Fixed an issue causing committed ID to incorrectly propagate when pushing pipeline configurations to Git ([CDAP-20932]( ## Breaking Cloud Data Fusion version 6.10.1 has a known issue in the [Cloud Storage plugin]( causing pipelines to intermittently fail if the plugin contains a \* regex pattern and uses Dataproc 2.0\. To mitigate this issue: * [Change the Dataproc image to version 2.1]( * Use an older plugin version. * [Increase memory for the executor](