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Public Preview: Analyze data using Log Analytics Simple mode



Azure Monitor Logs is excited to introduce the next leap in log experience: Simple mode. Azure Monitor Logs offers a powerful set of capabilities for users to explore their logs and derive meaningful insights from their data estate. Until now, Azure Monitor Logs relied on KQL for users to express their questions as queries. KQL is a powerful, easy to learn query language, however, as any query language it requires some knowledge to operate. **Simple mode** experience was created to bridge this knowledge gap - allowing most popular KQL operators and actions to be utilized using a very simple, point-and-click experience requiring no KQL knowledge at all! **KQL Mode** gives advanced users the full power of Kusto Query Language (KQL) to derive deeper insights from their logs. Simple mode is currently an opt-in experience. To try it, select **Try the new Log Analytics**. You can switch back to the classic Log Analytics experience at any time. Here's a link to [video ]( provides a quick overview of how to query logs in Log Analytics using both Simple and KQL modes We also recommend reviewing the feature's official documentation [here]( * Azure Monitor * Log Analytics * Features * Microsoft Build * [ Azure Monitor](