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MyGet available in the Microsoft Azure Store



[MyGet]( provides hosted NuGet servers. Developers can use their own packages to create and host NuGet feeds, or use another package source (such as MyGet already provides a [popular integration with Visual Studio Online]( Now developers can manage packages in one portal alongside their Azure services. If you're a Microsoft Azure customer, here’s how to create a new MyGet account: 1. Go to the Microsoft [Azure Management Portal]( 2. In the bottom toolbar, click **New** and then click **Store**. 3. In the **Choose an Add-on** box, click **MyGet** and then click **Next**. 4. In the **Personalize Add-on** box, choose the MyGet plan you want to sign up for. 5. If you want to create one (or more) paid subscriptions, use the promotional code **STORELAUNCH**. You'll get a 25 percent discount during the first six months of the subscription (the code is valid until end of August 2014). 6. After the subscription is created, click **Manage** in the bottom toolbar and then create a username and password for your subscription. Happy packaging! * Gallery