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Public Preview: Azure Batch



Azure Batch is a new platform service that enables you to run large-scale parallel and HPC applications in the cloud. Azure Batch makes it easy to cloud-enable your applications and run jobs without setting up and managing a cluster or job scheduler. Use the SDK to integrate client applications with Azure Batch through a variety of languages, stage data to Azure, and build job-execution pipelines. You can use Azure Batch as part of your workflows and to deliver self-service applications as a service. Sign up for the preview program in the [Azure Management Portal](, and start using Azure Batch as soon as your subscription is approved. During public preview, the service will be offered at a discount in all the regions where it is available.For more information, please visit the [Azure Batch]( page. For comprehensive pricing information, please visit the [Azure Batch Pricing Details]( page. * Batch * [ Batch](