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New string features for App Service Logic Apps



The public preview of Logic Apps allows you to create business processes in the cloud without writing code. In this update, we present the following features: * Added **Cancel** to running Logic Apps. This can be useful if a workflow gets stuck and you want to stop it and retry it from the beginning. * Added new string and number functions so you can: * Take a substring * Replace certain characters in a string * Generate a GUID * Generate a random number * Increased the size of individual values that you can reference inside the definition to 128 KB, and the total message size to 100 MB * Made boolean values appear in the designer as drop-down lists so you don’t have to type True or False * Added a **Load more** button to the **Runs** list, so you can see more than 250 runs at a time * Corrected an issue where the outputs of user-built API apps were not appearing in the Logic Apps designer Please visit [How can we improve Microsoft Azure Logic Apps?]( to provide feedback about what new features you would like to see considered. * App Service * Features * [ App Service](