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Create connectors in Logic Apps designer



This week we've made a big improvement to the Logic Apps designer. Previously, you had to provision, beforehand, all of the APIs that you wanted to use as a part of your Logic App. Now, you can create new connectors directly in the Logic Apps designer. In the right pane, you'll see all of the API apps you can create, and clicking one will automatically deploy it to your resource group.[![CreateInDesigner](]( addition we have added some new features inside the language, including: * The **utcnow()** function now takes format strings. You can include a [single format specifier character]( or a [custom format pattern]( that indicates how to format the value of this time stamp. * Added **toUpper()** and **toLower()** functions so you can easily change the casing of strings. * You can use certificates for AAD OAuth in addition to a secret. Fixed issues: * You could not select **Add a Condition** to be met in the designer. To add conditions or repeats, first select **Edit this action**. * If any action in a repeat was skipped, the action was marked as **Failed**. Now that action will be marked as **Succeeded**. * App Service * Features * [ App Service](