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Application Insights pricing in effect



[Application Insights ]( in public preview. We are launching a pricing model that starts from a free tier and extends based on data volume per application. There is a 50% discount while we are in public preview. For more information, see [Visual Studio Application Insights Pricing]( the **Free tier**, you get most of the features, with some limitations on volume of data and how long it is retained. As your application grows and sends more data, you can take advantage of the **Standard** and **Premium** tiers, which increase the monthly quota of data points, retain data for longer periods, and enable the Continuous Export feature. For more information, see [Export telemetry from Application Insights]( can choose to pay to process additional data above the regular quota. It doesn't matter how many machines your app is published to or deployed on. We want to let you scale dynamically without penalty for resources you haven’t used.There is also a **free 30-day Premium tier trial**. This has all the features of the Premium tier but without the monthly charge. You can get the full Application Insights experience and decide which tier is appropriate for a particular application.To review your monthly quota, start your Free Premium tier trial, or select a pricing tier:Open your Application Insights resource in the [Azure portal](, click **Settings**, and then select **Quota + pricing**.To learn more, see [Application Insights Pricing Effective June 1]([![set-pricing](]( * Application Insights * Pricing & Offerings