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Schedule Logic apps to run in the future



If you want to create a Logic app that will only go into effect in the future, you can now do that by using a [new **startTime** property on triggers]( This allows you to, for example, have a process start on the first day of the next month or to schedule something to run specifically at midnight every day.You can also convert strings to objects and back again by using [a new **parse** function]( There are a number of API apps that can return a string that you want to reference properties from, such as the Blob connector. You can now use individual properties from this response in subsequent steps.If you want to change the resource group or name of your Logic app, you can [rename your Logic apps or move them between resource groups via API]( the designer, we simplified the creation experience by only showing one **Authorize** button per connector. We now have Help tips that explain why you can't delete a card:[![morehelptips](]( have been fixing a large number of issues in the Logic app designer, including: * In Internet Explorer, the HTTP URI would always be marked as invalid. * Sometimes the **Add action** card didn't disappear when you selected the **Run manually** checkbox. * The click-target for the items in the list of actions was too small. * The list of connectors wouldn't refresh when you return the designer. * UI validation was missing some cases that used the **body** function or was missing **dependsOn**. * **Save** and **Discard** buttons were being unnecessarily enabled in some scenarios. We will be hosting a live community webcast to share tips and tricks and some of the features we are working on that are coming soon, and to answer questions from the community. Watch live at: <>. The first webcast will be June 25, 2015 at 11 A.M. PDT. * App Service * Features * [ App Service](