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Logic Apps .NET SDK available



Today we are releasing the Logic Apps .NET SDK on The SDK makes it easy to programmatically manage your Logic Apps if you use C#.You can [download the SDK]( now. It allows you to: * Authenticate interactively via a sign-in dialog or in the background by using an Azure Active Directory application * List and get details for all of the Logic Apps in your subscription * Enable, disable, or even run programmatically your Logic Apps * Get the run details, including how long runs took and their statuses * Get action and trigger details, including the full inputs and outputs of every operation [![LogicManagementClient](]( can also take a look at an _alpha_ version of [this SDK for Go]( To see a quick demo of the .NET SDK, watch our webcast [Logic Apps Live - August 27 2015]( you have suggestions for features (including for the new SDK), please post them on [our feedback forum]( or let us know on twitter: [@logicappsio]( * App Service * Features * [ App Service](