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Stream Analytics updates for IoT Suite



Today Microsoft announced the availability of the [Azure IoT Suite](, a collection of preconfigured solutions that enable companies to quickly start and scale Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.As a core service in the IoT Suite, Azure Stream Analytics added a number of updates to address common business needs. The latest updates include: * **Azure preview portal integration:** In addition to continued presence in the Azure management portal, Stream Analytics is now integrated in the [Azure preview portal]( * **Support for DocumentDB output:** Stream Analytics jobs can now output to [Azure DocumentDB](, enabling data archival and low-latency querying for unstructured JSON data. * **Support for IoT Hub input:** Stream Analytics jobs now have a **Preview** feature to ingest data from Azure IoT Hubs, enabling real-time analytics over millions of events from all of your connected devices. * **TIMESTAMP BY for heterogeneous events:** When a single data stream contains multiple event types that have time stamps in different fields, you can now use [TIMESTAMP BY]( with expressions to specify different time stamp fields for each case. To learn more about Stream Analytics, see the [Stream Analytics Learning Path]([![serviceUpdate](]( * Azure Cosmos DB * Microsoft Azure portal * Azure Stream Analytics * Features * [ Microsoft Azure portal]( * [ Azure Cosmos DB]( * [ Azure Stream Analytics](