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New capabilities for Logic Apps in Azure portal



Today you can see some new buttons and links for Logic Apps in the Azure portal.[![Move](]( new features include: * **Move** button. You can change the Resource Group or Subscription that a logic app is part of. * Please note that when you move a logic app, its endpoint will change, so you need to update any code that calls it directly. * On the **Quick start** tile, you can see reference material, including a link to the [Logic Apps Repositories]( on GitHub, where we store our community-provided connectors. * **Language reference** and **Help** in the Logic Apps designer make it easier to get assistance when you're building expressions. For example, you can see that we have a new function called **decodeBase64()** that takes a base 64-encoded string and returns a normal string. Let us know your feedback on Twitter: [@logicappsio]( * App Service * Features * [ App Service](