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Metrics for Logic apps



Logic apps now have monitoring metrics that give you charts of all the activity in your Logic apps over the past hour.[![Logic app metrics](]( The following nine metrics are available at one-minute granularity for the past hour: * **Run latency**: The average time between when a run starts an when it ends * **Run rate**: How many runs start per second * **Run success latency**: The average time between start and end, but only for successful runs * **Run success percentage**: The number of successful runs divided by the total * **Runs cancelled**: The number of runs you've cancelled * **Runs completed**: The number of completed runs, irrespective of status * **Runs failed**: The number of runs that failed * **Runs started**: The number of runs that started in that minute * **Runs succeeded**: The number of runs that completed successfully To enable these metrics, scroll to the **Monitoring** group at the bottom of your Logic app. You will see the following message:Monitoring may not be enabled. Click here to turn on diagnostics.Click there, and switch the Status to **On**. Select a Storage Account to store your metrics, and be sure to select the **Metrics** check box. Then click **Save**. Within a few minutes, metrics will start appearing if your Logic app has activity. * App Service * Features * [ App Service](