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User experience enhancements in Azure Automation



Azure Automation has added a number of enhancements to the Azure portal. The list of improvements includes: * A monitoring chart to provide a summary of runbook job statistics for the last seven days * Search and tags for runbooks * Filtering by name, status, and date for jobs * Error and warning stream summary parts in the job blade * A **Run on** property to show if your job ran on Azure or on a hybrid runbook worker **Monitoring chart**Use the monitoring chart to identify if there have been any failed or suspended jobs in the past week.[![Job Statistics](](**Search and tags for runbooks**You can view the tags you have given your runbooks in the runbooks list. You can also use the search bar to search by name or tag.[![Search by runbook name and tags](](**Filtering by name, status, and date**Find a specific job by filtering for the runbook name, the status of the job, and the time range that the job ran.**Error and warning stream summary parts in the job blade**Troubleshoot your jobs by quickly identifying if there were any error or warning streams. If you are using hybrid runbook workers, you can view what worker group your job ran on or if it ran in Azure.[![Additional information in job blade](]( * Automation * Features * [ Automation](