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Azure SQL Data Warehouse: October 2015 update



This post summarizes the new features released in Azure SQL Data Warehouse in October 2015\. To read more, see the [October update for Azure SQL Data Warehouse]( blog post. * **Parallelized data export** \- The addition of the CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE AS SELECT (CETAS) statement to bulk export data for cold data storage to Azure Blob Storage via PolyBase. * **Data load performance improvements** \- Additional CREATE STATISTICS options on external tables to improve performance for all external table operations. Also resource class management improves load times when connecting via BCP. * **Expanded function support -** Support for functions in schemas other than the default (dbo). * **Additional improvements** \- Simplified syntax for creating a temporary table, added support for the [\_exec\_dms\_services](, [\_exec\_dms\_workers](, [\_exec\_external\_work](, and [\_exec\_external\_operations]( DMVs, and improved error messages for data loading and other error conditions. To learn more, see: * [Azure SQL Data Warehouse]( * [What is Azure SQL Data Warehouse?]( * [Get an Azure subscription: Develop and test cloud solutions]( * Azure Synapse Analytics